Chiropractic adjustment and spinal health: simple DIY exercises!

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Chiropractic adjustment and spinal health: simple DIY exercises!

Chiropractic adjustment, as you will see, is only one aspect of spinal healthcare.

Chiropractic adjustment is only one aspect of spinal health care!

In today's video, we demonstrate a really simple balance exercise. You might think that there's no obvious connection with your spinal health. Or, that just getting your chiropractic adjustment from time to time is the best way to take care of your back. Well, at Burswood Health we strongly believe in prevention and this exercise is great to improve your overall fitness and health.

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From check-up to chiropractic adjustment and beyond.

At Burswood Health we encourage you to learn more about your body. And our team is always available to organise a spinal check-up, just like you would plan in your dental check-up. When you need chiropractic adjustment, you will find out that we look at you as a whole person, not just at the symptoms. Your treatment plan is always a personalised plan, tailored to your specific discomfort or condition.
But at Burswood Health we use the talent, experience and skills of our multi-disciplinary team to provide holistic help whenever possible. If your problem persists, and requires Occupational Therapy or Podiatry, then our in-house specialists can help you further.

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