Chiropractic care and why I love to return to it!

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Chiropractic care and why I love to return to it!

Hi, my name is Dr Paul Staerker and in this video I wanted to share a personal story.

Chiropractic Care close to Perth CBD: why I do it

This is about my initial inspiration to become a Chiropractor. About the clinic I run and manage, across the Causeway right next to Perth's CBD. And about my past year, which has forced me to let go of the actual patient care for a while. So click the button, and allow me to talk to you about what I love about my job as a Perth Chiropractor.

Chiropractic Care at Burswood Health

We're not just another chiropractic clinic. Our chiropractors take back pain, neck pain and any other form of spinal condition very seriously. But we look at you as a human being first. When you're hurting, the first thing you want to know is that someone actually cares about your problem. In our team, we work on this value of care and we want you to know that we look at you as a person, not someone with a symptom.

chiropractic care

So in that spirit, at Burswood Health, we will always do everything we can to help you understand your problem. This is the first step, and an important one to then make choices together, about the right treatment plan.

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Our practice is located in Burswood (Eastern Perth surburbs), a 1 minute drive from the Town of Victoria Park or East-Perth.

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