Chiropractors Perth: An example of how we help you…to help yourself

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An example of how we help you... to help yourself

“Chiropractors Perth” is probably what you would probably do a Google search for when something is wrong. Now, quite often, we see that a lot can be done to avoid problems down the track.

Chiropractors Perth Advice: the foam roller

The foam roller is one of the easy but very smart tools to apply some self-myofascial release. Pardon? Yes, an easier word for it is the “poor man’s massage”, because you can release your muscles yourself.

Today I’m going to show you how to use the foam roller. This is an advanced tool for muscle self-release. We’re going to start with the quads. So coming over the top of the foam roller, keeping your back neutral, rolling back and forth over from the top to the bottom.

When you find a spot that you can really feel, hold still on it, and bend the knee back and forth to really get into that trigger point.

foam roller

Coming down the front of the legs, this one is really good for shin splints. Placing your shins on the foam roller, roll back and forth over them. This is an area you can’t stretch usually, so it’s a really good one. When you get that same spot, point your toes, bend them, point your toes, bend them.

Holistic chiropractic care at Burswood Health Chiropractors Perth

If you were looking for “Chiropractors Perth” you may have come across lots of confusing stories about the use of foam rollers. It’s easy nowadays to get confused and so it's important to get the right information before you start using any tools or exercises.

We pride ourselves in delivering holistic care, with a team of specialists who are very passionate about giving the best possible care in Perth.

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