Coccyx Pain or how just sitting can be painful

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Coccyx Pain or how just sitting can be painful

Coccyx pain tips might not be the kind of information you thought you needed. Many of us would struggle locating our coccyx, also known as the tailbone. It's actually a collection of bones, right at the end of your spine.

Coccyx Pain? Excuse me?

Your coccyx bone is shaped like a bird beak and it helps stabilize you whenever you sit. It also has a lot of muscles and tendons attached to it. If you want to find where your coccyx is, simply slide down from your sacrum between each cheek and at the end, you can often feel your coccyx. So you may not have known the exact name of the bone(s), but you may have experienced pain in that area.

What are the causes of coccyx pain?

Everyone can get coccyx pain but it’s more common in pregnant women, because of a wider pelvis.
Often patients come to our clinic with coccyx pain after they have fallen or after having given birth. But then you could also experience coccyx pain after having spent a lot of time sitting on a hard surface. And sometimes degeneration, or lack of movement can give you coccyx pain too. Coccyx pain is one of the most annoying pains. You can’t sit, you can’t stand up easily, you may even feel constipated. Normally it moves nicely when you walk or sit still, sometimes it may fuse to the sacrum and has no movement at all.

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How to treat coccyx pain?

Because of the location of your coccyx, just sitting might make things worse and that's why an important part of the treatment is about reducing pressure on your "tailbone".
Typically, we would recommend you to use a donut shaped cushion. Alternatively, you can apply an ice pad in that area.

How to get rid of coccyx pain?

It's important to determine the exact causes of your pain. That's why the best starting point is to come in and see one of our practitioners. We can then look at your history, do a physical examination and take an X-ray if needed. The pain may find its cause not just in your coccyx, it may also be caused by something in your muscles.
Once we know what causes the pain in your case, we can give you personalised tips, and get your pain sorted out.

So come visit us at Burswood Health Chiropractors, and give us a call on 08 9361 2628.

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