Free Spinal Check for Children

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Complimentary Posture Check

Our public health initiative conducted every Western Australian school holidays.

Spinal Health is as important as dental health

Make sure your child has regular postural check-ups and use this as a great opportunity to create a new habit. At Burswood Health Chiropractors and Occupational Therapists, we now offer posture and scoliosis assessments as part of our public health initiative every Western Australian school holiday.

heel pain exercises
heel pain exercises

Why would my child need a spinal checkup?

Excessively heavy school bags can lead to back pain and discomfort in children, as well as posture problems. At Burswood Health, we help children and their parents to avoid this type of problems down the track.

30 to 40% of school children experience some sort of neck or back pain. It’s often related to postural habits and this is where your chiropractor and occupational therapy team can assist your child to change certain postures and habits.

In the video below Dr Paul Staerker explains a few simple things you can teach your child, to avoid back pain or neck pain.

heel pain exercises

The complimentary posture assessment at our Perth chiropractic clinic is a good starting point: our experienced health practitioners can help your child with basic advice on how to carry a heavy back pack full of school books.

Prevention is key

In the video, Dr Staerker talks about 6 simple things you can implement, together with your child, to prevent back pain. And remember, when we talk about children, we’re not just talking about avoiding spinal health problems in the near future. This is about making sure they don’t carry the consequences of unhealthy habits as they become adults.

heel pain exercises

How can Burswood Health help your child?

Your child can get even more out of the complimentary posture assessment if you bring their usual school bag and the typical amount of school books that goes in them. Our team can then show your child how to wear the school bag correctly, with minimal pressure and strain on muscles and joints.

Burswood Health, across the East-Perth Causeway in Burswood, is a multidisciplinary clinic and we are a team of occupational therapists, chiropractors and podiatrists. Our focus is to give you and your family excellent care, and we look forward to welcoming you and your child for this complimentary assessment.  Contact us today to book your appointment.

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