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Why do I need orthotics?

If you experience any foot pain or discomfort, you may be wondering - “Do I need orthotics?”. Let’s say you feel pain or discomfort in certain shoes, or you notice a problem on the bottom of your feet when you perform certain activities. It may indicate a problem with the positioning of your feet, and as you develop posture problems, this may cause friction and irritation.
The first thing our podiatrist will do is to check your “foot health”: your posture, any underlying problems, or symptoms on the surface such as skin and nail problems. Once we get a clear view on your overall foot health, we will be able to explore if custom-made orthotics can help you.

heel pain exercises
heel pain exercises

The assessment

Your podiatrist will test your muscle strength and range of motion in your feet. We use a 3D laser scanner to assess the contours of each foot in order to get an accurate image of the exact shape of your feet. We combine the digital images with our clinical examination findings to detect areas that are subject to increased pressure as you stand, walk or run. The repetitive nature of walking or running can cause relatively minor foot issues to develop into painful, chronic problems that affect your gait and posture.

Because the 3D scan captures the exact contours and arches of your feet, we can then proceed to manufacture orthotics that are custom-made to your feet. We use a West Australian orthotics laboratory who are leaders in their field. Importantly, our podiatrists liaise with the lab from the initial order all the way through to the final fitting to ensure your orthotics are perfect for your feet.

Why custom-made orthotics?

The proper treatment of foot pain and discomfort is all about reducing excessive pressure and correcting your foot posture. A custom made orthotic conforms precisely to the contour of your foot thereby creating a perfect fit with the arch. The carefully designed orthotic provides optimal support as you stand, walk or run. And it reduces unwanted friction and pressure on tendons, joints and muscles.

How your feet can impact your knees, hips and back

The body is a kinetic chain and a problem with your feet can disrupt the balance in your lower legs, thighs and hips - all the way up to your lower back. This is why your practitioner will talk with you to see if you feel discomfort or pain in other areas of your body.

The first step is to book an appointment for a podiatry assessment so we can give you personalised advice. Our team of podiatrists, chiropractors and occupational therapists at Burswood Health work together to improve the strength and balance of your body - from the ground up!

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