How to choose the right pillow to avoid neck pain?

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How to choose the right pillow to avoid neck pain?

How to choose the right pillow? It may sound like a very trivial topic, yet for many people who visit our clinic, the choice of a quality pillow makes a re

Can you tell me how to choose the right pillow?

As chiropractors we can definitely assist you in making the right choice. And as you will see in the short video, it's not about this one particular pillow type which is the right choice for all of us. Our bodies are different, and we may require a different pillow depending on the shape of our shoulders.
This all ties in with our overall spinal health, posture habits and how we can take care of our own body, to avoid pain and discomfort down the track.

how to choose the right pillow

Video transcript:

Here at Burswood Health we see a lot of people that have recurring neck pain. Now this can be something as simple as an incorrect pillow that you use. We spend one third of our lives in bed and this should be a time for healing. So an incorrect pillow can jeopardise this.
Looking at Jess here, what we want to see is a straight neck. You can check this at home and see how you are on your pillow. Some people have narrow shoulders, some wider and we have different pillows to fit for everybody. If you find you are uncomfortable on your pillow at night, pop in, see one of our practitioners here, and we can find the right pillow for you.

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