Neck and back pain: 5 exercises you can do at the office

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Neck and back pain: 5 exercises you can do at the office

Neck and back pain are caused by a variety of reasons but quite often you'll feel it when you have been doing nothing...but sitting.

Neck and back pain: caused by sitting?

Sitting behind a computer for hours is part of our modern lives, and it causes neck and back pain for many of us. So the first step to find relief - besides seeing your Perth chiropractors at Burswood Health - is to start inspecting your habits. If you're sitting for hours without any interruption, chances are that this is part of the problem.

Avoid neck and back pain. Stand up!

So simply stand up. Build in breaks. Go for a walk. Treat yourself to a cuppa. Changing that position is the first big step. The next step - as you will see in this video - is to do simple exercises so your muscles are being used in different ways. This habit change can have a massive influence on your spinal health.

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