Office exercises using a Gym Ball

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Office exercises using a Gym Ball

Simple office exercises can make a big difference. That's because lower back pain is often caused by the way we use our lower back. If you're one of us who spend hours behind a desk and a computer, then that's where it's good to inspect our habits and our posture.

Office exercises. Why?

The exercises we have chosen for this week's video are really simple and they will help you use your back muscles correctly. We all know that when we make good use of our muscles, they grow stronger. That's exactly how these office exercises work. So check out the video to discover how you can start taking better care of your body, and of your back muscles in particular. After a few weeks you will notice the difference and you may be able to avoid or reverse symptoms of lower back pain with it.

office exercises

How these simple office exercises work

As you'll see in the video, there's no need for you to do big acrobatic stunts at the office. The office exercises consist of really simple movements that activate the muscles in your lower back. Particularly if you're working from home but still spending hours behind your desk, this will be a great way to take care of your spinal health without going anywhere.

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