How to treat chronic pain?

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How to treat chronic pain?

The question on how to treat chronic pain is very relevant for many people. If you suffer from chronic neck pain, back pain or lower back pain, then you know that it affects the way you look at life. Simply because the pain is a hindrance, and a serious obstacle for your daily life.

Can Burswood Health treat chronic pain?

Before your chiropractor suggests the appropriate and customised treatment plan, a few things need to happen. Which is why this week's video focuses on the ins and outs of our way to treat chronic pain.

Many people with chronic neck pain, low back pain or headaches wonder: "What's causing my pain?" And when you're in chronic pain, or severe pain, you start to worry that something serious is wrong.

Thankfully, it's quite rare to have a serious condition causing your back pain. However it's very important for us, the practitioners, when we see you, to take a proper history, a thorough physical examination, and then do tests or imaging like X-rays, to ascertain the nature of your problem.


The good news is, a great majority of problems are what we call mechanical back pain or mechanical neck pain, meaning it's tissues which are tight, inflamed, joints which are jammed up, pinched or irritated, causing local inflammation.

And the second part of the good news is that research shows, that there are good ways to deal with these problems. Number one is: manual therapy. Skilled, in the sense, of being performed by a registered health professional who is trained in manipulation, and spinal adjusting. So manipulation and adjusting to restore normal function to those joints, very important. Trigger point therapy, cold laser therapy, acupuncture and dry needling to name a few. Underpinning any therapy for neck pain, back pain, lower back pain, would be a graduated exercise program, to strengthen your core and increase flexibilty.

How we treat chronic pain and still look at the whole person

And the last thing of course, is looking at you as a person. An injured lower back, it influences the way I think, it influences the way I feel, and it affects all my relationships, my family, my friends and my job. So we can't just look at your injured lower back or your painful tissue. We have to look at how that's affecting you in your world. It's called a bio-psycho-social model. A big word meaning: I hurt, it affects my universe. So talk to us about your problem, we can put your mind at rest, and get you on a program to deal with mechanical neck, lower back and back pain.

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