5 ways to get rid of chronic back pain forever

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5 ways to get rid of chronic back pain forever

Suffering from chronic back pain? We all know this can impact your life significantly.

Chronic back pain? Get a proper assessment

Whether it's about the job you do, or about living an active, social life, chronic back pain can get in the way and take away your quality of life. So when you experience it, you'll know that life could be a lot easier if you could change that. At Burswood Health, we always start with an assessment of your particular problem. Your situation is unique, and that's why your personal Report of Findings (ROF) will reflect the history, the causes and the exact nature of your chronic back pain.

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Vic Park Chiro: check out our free videos

Apart from having your back pain assessed by your Vic Park chiro team, we recommend you subscribe to our free video updates. In those videos, our chiropractors talk about good "spinal habits". From posture adjustment to DIY exercises you can easily integrate in your daily life. The videos will give you a better insight in how your muscles and joints work, and most importantly, how you can take better care of them and avoid problems down the track.

Avoid chronic back pain by taking the time to exercise

Chronic back pain is something you can avoid. It's often about changing a few habits, adjusting a few things around your basic activities. The more you strengthen your core muscles, the more your back will be supported. And this is exactly how you avoid chronic back pain and other spinal problems. You might think that you don't have the time to work out, to build in exercise and to make your body stronger. In the end that's all what it's about, helping your body get stronger so you can avoid wear and tear, minimise pain and optimise your quality of life.

Posture advice from your Vic Park chiro team

Posture is key when you're taking control of your spinal health. What does that mean? First of all, it's about becoming aware of how, and how much, you are sitting. Sitting is one of the big causes of chronic back pain, and it's important you become more aware of it. Working behind a computer? Stand up and walk. Interrupt your prolonged periods of sitting and do something else. Stretch. Work out. Breathe. Walk. It's also important to make sure you use proper posture when sitting behind a desk. Check out our regular videos on posture, or search "posture" in the search field of our website.

Prevent chronic back pain with regular check-ups

And finally, watch your back! Treat your back like you would treat your teeth. Book a regular check-up, to detect problems or potential situations long before they become serious. It's a good habit to have a regular check-up with your chiropractor so we can help you with the right treatment plan.

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