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Care for your mental and physical health - the whole person.

Individualised assessment and treatment plans

Perth Chiropractor Dr Paul Staerker

“We believe everyone deserves a holistic approach to health care. By providing excellent clinical care, we aim to help you achieve and maintain the best health possible.”

“ Chronic pain and lack of energy can seriously affect your health and wellbeing. Joint and muscle problems frequently cause or contribute to back, neck or extremity pain.

Our goal is to effectively treat the source of your pain and improve your overall health and vitality.”

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Low back pain, neck pain and various joint and muscle problems can seriously impact your life. We teach you how to self-manage your health with advice and exercises. As one of Perth’s most trusted and experienced chiropractic groups - we are here to help you!
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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Our OTs can help with ergonomic, exercise and rehabilitation advice. Their primary focus is soft tissue therapy and specific massage techniques designed to relieve back, neck and joint pain; and to restore strength and regain mobility. This is especially important in our current environment due to restricted activities and isolating indoors!
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Our podiatrists help you with expert foot health. General podiatry services include care for skin, nails, bunions and corns as well as diabetic foot care, orthotics and sports podiatry.
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