Medical Pedicures

Burswood Health Podiatry offers a wide range of services. If your feet need some attention, make sure you speak to one of our expert podiatrists.

medical pedicure perth

Not your everyday pedicure

Medical pedicures differ from the normal, everyday pedicure. They are performed in a professional environment by our podiatrists, using state-of-the-art, sterilised equipment, and natural products.

Using the fusion of science and beauty, our medical pedicures will have you not just looking great but feeling great too! Your feet will be the envy of everyone.

What is included in medical pedicures?

Our medical pedicure includes:

* a full assessment of your foot health.

* identification and treatment of nail problems.

* treatment of cuticles

* smoothing of calloused and cracked/thickened skin

* reduction and removal of corns

* trimming and filing of nails and cleaning nail folds

* optional coating of clear polish from Dr Remedy's organic range

Your podiatrist will recommend a personalised plan to maintain and improve your overall foot health. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of comfortable, healthy and good looking feet. Treat yourself, or a friend, and contact us today!

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