Our practitioners focus on relieving your pain, assisting the natural healing process and strengthening the injured area. The benefit of receiving treatment at an integrated clinic is you have access to a variety of practitioners who work together to provide you with a combination of treatments to assist you in a speedy recovery from your injury.


Types of injuries

There are a number of reasons as to why you have incurred an injury. At Burswood Health we can assist with a range of treatment options. The whole team treats a range of injuries:

  • Recovery after a fracture
  • Dislocations
  • Ligament injuries
  • Muscle strains
  • Tendon injuries
  • Nerve injuries

Spinal injuries

Burswood Health has a special interest in helping people who have back and neck issues. Working together, we develop a clear diagnosis of the affected areas: bones, discs, ligaments, muscles or tendons. The team takes a holistic approach to developing a customised treatment plan that is right for you.

Recovery and Rehabilitation Issues

Workplace Injuries

If your injury occurred at the workplace, we can assist with a Return to Work programme. The Occupational Therapist prescribes soft tisue therapy, education and customised exercises tailored to heal an injury faster and get a person back to their job as soon as possible.

Our services include a workplace assessment, aimed at understanding what capacity the person has to take on duties in the context of the employment. The assessment can include prescribing tools or equipment to increase the person’s independence, or modifications to the environment to maximise normal day-to-day activities.

Other Pain You Might Feel

Developmental Delays

Children develop at different stages. Some need a some assistance to get to the level they should be based on their age and stage of life. Read about how we can help your child develop the necessary skills.

FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) Rosters

After a workplace injury, the occupational therapist can prescribe exercises and provide instructions to use at the remote site. Additionally, adapted and alternative techniques can be developed to allow a person to continue working on site.

Sports injury

A sports injury is usually caused by overuse or excessive exercising and it can affect your bones, ligaments, muscles or tendons. The approach is to evaluate inflammation, soft tissue damage, and the nerve damage to the problem area and use a combination of techniques (laser, adjustments and manipulation, or acupuncture) to manage the pain.


Balance and Range of Motion

Our team can work with injuries that limit a person’s balance and range of motion. Whether it is a stroke or recovering from surgery, an extra support rail in a bathroom or a spinner knob on your car's steering wheel can help a person return to normal activities.

Daily Activities

If an injury impacts a person’s ability to be independent, then an occupational therapist will help assess the person’s judgment, reliability, and self-awareness. We work with the individual and the family to find the tools, equipment and techniques to keep up the day-to-day household activities such as cooking, bathing or getting dressed. We can also organise a driving assessment, and if the person is no longer able to drive, we can assist in finding other modes of transport.

The Treatment

Burswood Health applies an integrated patient management process to treat you. We start with a clear diagnosis as a foundation for your treatment plan. Our team uses x-rays and a physical examination to assess the alignment of bones and joints and functionality of muscles. We identify where treatment can benefit from a combination of muscle based and natural pain therapy treatments.

We know the biomechanical aspects of the body and help you to recover faster with soft tissue therapy, adjustments and manipulation, and combine it with an Active Care Program (an education and exercise prescription). Our team is focused on getting you back to daily life, be it work, home, or recreational activities.

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