Injury Management

The goal of injury management is to get a person and their family back into an independent, active life. Our team of practitioners help assess the injury and recovery process and come up with processes used for day-to-day activities.

injury management

Understanding types of injuries

Because injuries are unplanned events, the impact can be overwhelming and make it hard for a patient to understand the impact his or her life activities.

Home and family

In the case of a serious injury where mobility is lost, the family may need to assist with home or changes be made to allow for independent living. Likewise, chronic or acute pain from the injury can affect family activities due to changes in a person’s reliability and disrupt self-awareness.


Many workplaces are required to provide a Return to Work plan and provide augmented activities during a patient’s recovery and rehabilitation. Our team of practitioners can work with the employer and patient (or self-employed person) to coordinate an achievable plan.



Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) Work

FIFO workers can get a treatment plan set up to fit their roster. Also, in the case of injury management of a serious condition, our team can participate in the Return to Work programme. Our services include helping with the workplace adaptations and self-managed rehabilitation to be carried out on a remote site.


Some injuries may impede a patient’s ability to drive on a temporary or long-term basis. A practitioner can assist with a driving assessment and modifications to the vehicle to allow some patients to continue driving. In cases where driving is not safe, the practitioner can assist with organising alternative modes of transportation.


Though sports injuries can affect the bones, ligaments, muscles or tendons, most athletes can continue training with alternative exercises and modified activities. Our team of multi-disciplinary specialists analyse the exact nature and consequences of the injury. The patient receives an overview of the current condition, and the therapies to improve it.

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The effects on recovery and rehabilitation

Our practitioners can work an injury management plan to co-manage therapies inside the Burswood Health team or with surgeons or other health care providers.

Chiropractic care

As part of managing an injury, the chiropractor delivers therapies to benefit the recovery and use of the spine, nerves, joints, and tissues. Pain management and mobilization of the body are key priorities.

Occupational therapy

Some injuries can limit both cognitive and physical strength in an individual. The occupational therapist can assist patients to regain and keep the independence and function required for normal work and family activities.

injury management


The advantage of an integrated clinic with a variety of therapists is the ability to address ankle and foot injuries, either from sport or industrial accidents. A podiatrist can aid with the successful recovery from fractures, soft tissue injuries, or immobility.

How to initiate an injury management programme

Starting with a clear diagnosis from the multidisciplinary team is the foundation of successful injury management. In the case of minor injuries at home or minor sports injuries, a patient can discuss injury management directly with the chiropractor, podiatrist or occupational therapist. A family member can arrange for injury management if the patient has cognitive or mobility issues. Likewise, an employer can request help with injury management and a Return to Work programme. Injury management services can also be planned pre-operative or the patient can be referred post-surgery. Get started by calling

Likewise, an employer can request help with injury management and a Return to Work programme. Injury management services can also be planned pre-operative or the patient can be referred post-surgery. Get started by calling us, 08 9361 26 28. Book with our experienced practitioners to see how we can help you.

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