Good exercises for low back pain

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Good Exercises for Low Back Pain

Exercises for a stiff or painful lower back

How to find good exercises for low back pain?

Good exercises for low back are important to strengthen your muscles and to reduce chronic pain.Low back pain can restrict your freedom to move, and your ability to lead your everyday life in a comfortable way. It can be acute and disabling, or it can appear from time to time as you build up tension in the muscles and joints of your spine. Beyond any acute care you may receive for low back pain, it’s important to keep an eye on your overall spinal health. Your Burswood Health chiropractor will help you develop and maintain core strength and, in videos like this one, we share easy strengthening exercises you can do at home.

heel pain exercises
heel pain exercises

What can you do about low back pain?

Before you start any exercise program, it’s important to find out the cause of your low back pain. The first step is to get a chiropractic assessment at our clinic. Depending on the clinical findings, x-rays or other imaging may be required to ascertain the exact cause of your pain and to rule out various conditions which may require medical referral. The key is to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. We explain in detail the exact nature of your problem in our Report of Findings. We then discuss a personalised treatment plan designed to treat your specific condition.

At our clinic, treatment usually involves gentle manipulation, soft tissue therapy, cold laser therapy and dry needling or acupuncture. Chronic, long standing problems often respond well to soft tissue treatment, postural correction and exercise therapy from our occupational therapists. Care from our podiatry team is essential if your foot posture is contributing to your low back pain. Our team of chiropractors, occupational therapists and podiatrists often work together to improve the health of people with long-standing back and joint pain.

We always begin your care program with safe exercises to ease back pain and strengthen spinal muscles. As you improve, the exercises are upgraded to improve flexibility, balance and aerobic fitness. Spinal exercises will play an essential part in your care program.

Good exercises for low back pain & core strengthening

In the video, we share some simple and effective exercises to help relieve low back pain. You can build them into your daily routine at home or at work. By taking on the habit of regular exercise, you Increase strength and flexibility in the muscles and joints of your spine. Over time, regular spinal exercise will result in a decrease in pain and stiffness. Importantly, you will see that you can learn to self-manage back pain and gain a sense of control over your own health.

Causes of low back pain

Typical causes of tension and pain in the lower back are linked to poor sitting and standing posture. Prolonged sitting can weaken spinal muscles, and bad postural habits can put abnormal strain on the discs, muscles and joints of your spine. It’s a good idea to get up, stretch and go for a walk periodically when sitting for prolonged periods. We always give postural improvement advice and exercises aimed at making you stand and sit in a way that others will notice!

Burswood Health offers chiropractic, occupational therapy and podiatry under one roof, across the East-Perth Causeway in Burswood. Our friendly and experienced team will help you reduce any discomfort and pain, and help you achieve and maintain optimal spinal health. Book an appointment today and speak to our practitioners about how you can control your low back pain.

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