Avoid Back Pain: Change posture and use your spinal muscles

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Avoid Back Pain: Change posture and use your spinal muscles

Who wouldn't want to avoid back pain? Often a small change in your habits can make a big difference and in our previous videos we have touched on the importance of posture many times.

Avoid back pain by minding your posture

Today I wanted to talk to you about another Posture Pearl. It’s important that we always stand with our long neck posture, as if a string was holding us up like a marionette. Most people have a forward head posture, and if you move your head forward as my colleague just did, about 2.5 centimetres, she has doubled the weight of her head. So her 5 kg head has become 10 kg.

So just maintain that upward posture. Some people say they feel better slouching. But that’s just because they’re hanging in their ligaments, they’re not using their muscles. Initially it will feel uncomfortable, you are actually using your spinal muscles. And there’s an upgrade to that.

avoid back pain

So turning forward Dr Kirsty…we have attached some tape to make a point. That the tips of your shoulder blades should be drawn into an imaginary pocket. It’s a draw down and then relax. And that counters the effect of having your shoulders hang around your ears.

So always maintain shoulders in the pocket and a long neck posture being lifted up into the sky. These 2 pearls can help maintain optimal spinal health.

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