Chiropractor Perth: Exercises for Neck Pain

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Chiropractor Perth: Exercises for Neck Pain

Three times a day. Exercise by 3s. Absolutely brilliant, very simple.

Want to do exercises for neck pain?

When we just perform random neck movements to give our neck a little stretch, we're at risk of causing unnecessary strain. That's why I thought I'd give you a set of really useful exercises for the neck in this week's short video.
The exercise I demonstrate here is called "Exercise by 3s". And the good news is, you can do it standing, or sitting. In this case, we're going to do it sitting. Sit tall, stand tall:)

So. You look up 3 times. Don't force anything. And if it hurts, don't go into pain. So 3 "ups", or extensions. And today I'm going to cut it down for demonstration purposes.
Three flections, three right rotations, three left rotations, three ear-to-shoulder movements. And mind you, it shouldn't touch the shoulders.

exercises for neck pain

Safe exercises for neck pain vs. less safe exercises

Word to the wise here: don't roll your neck in a circle, where you roll your neck. Very complicated movement, very unnatural. Unless you're a martial artist, very complicated movement, give that one a miss.
But the Exercise by Threes are definitely a good plan. In between, roll your shoulders to-and-fro, absolutely brilliant!

exercises for neck pain

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