Get stronger core muscles

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Get stronger core muscles

To get stronger core muscles, many people do Pilates, Yoga, or spend hours at the gym. In this short video, Dr Kirsty Sterle explains what exactly we mean by our core. And which muscles are involved.

Get stronger core muscles

Understanding your own body is an important first step to take better care of your spine. And that's exactly how you can cure or avoid things like lower back pain. Quite often, by strengthening the core muscles, we'er able to help our patients. They thought they would never get rid of their chronic pain.

How to get stronger core muscles without the the gym?

Now the big question is, do I have to spend hours at the gym? Or do I have to take up Pilates or Yoga, to get stronger core muscles? Not necessarily. At Burswood Health, part of our education - apart from these awesome videos you can find on our website or get delivered to your inbox for free - we design a tailored exercise program with each treatment plan. So that, when you're doing everyday activities, you can build in simple, safe and easy exercises to take good care of yourself.

get stronger core muscles

The more you realise you are creating a better life experience down the track, and avoiding problems and discomfort as you age, the more motivated you will be to be very consistent at it and to do your exercise.

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