Recurring back pain and what your Perth Chiropractors say about it

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Recurring back pain and what your Perth Chiropractors say about it.

You might think that the back pain that you've got now will go away quickly and when the pain's gone, you'll forget about your pain. However it keeps on coming back you know you have to do something different.

Recurring back pain and how to look at it.

It's normal that, when we suffer from any type of discomfort, we just want it to go away. So it's also normal that our thinking gets a little clouded when it's about fully understanding the problem ourselves. That's why our specialists at the clinic want to always make sure they give you exactly the information you need, to understand your back pain while it's being treated.

What recurring back pain can mean.

We know that about 30 to 40% of people after an attack of back pain get another attack within 12 months. And what we need to do at that point is potentially a re-assessment and we also need to look for the potential for multiple causes for your back pain. People with complex back pain have pain coming from more than one source. If that's the case you will only get partial relief from that portion of the problem that's been treated at the time. Basically what we try to do is solve chronic, ongoing problems that are complex and it is possible to prevent and cure back pain provided we've got enough information.

recurring back pain

So can recurring back pain be cured?

As explained in this video it's very important to follow up, even if you feel that the acute nature of the pain has disappeared. This is why we are very serious about assessing and re-assessing your situation, because it can help us and help you to fully understand the problem and to avoid more problems further down the track.

recurring back pain

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