Slumpy Smartphone Posture: Chiropractor Advice on 9News Perth

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Slumpy Smartphone Posture: Chiropractor Advice on 9 News Perth

Slumpy smartphone posture is a growing problem. 9NEWS contacted Burswood Health to film Dr Paul Staerker in action assisting a young patient with spinal problems, due to excessive time spent on electronic devices.

Why slumpy smartphone posture is causing many problems

As Dr Staerker explains in the report, this bad posture habit affects different mechanics in our body. Breathing, to start with, because we're not giving our lungs the full space they need to support deep diaphragmatic breathing. In the interview, Dr Paul Staerker clarifies the impact of this slumpy smartphone posture habit on other parts of our bodies. (Courtesy Channel 9 Perth)

We can't get rid of the devices, can we?

No we can't. We wouldn't even be sending you this message and you wouldn't even be able to see it without our devices. So we better keep an eye on our habits instead of dreaming up a world without smartphones, tablets and laptops. The family in the report worked out a good old-fashioned hourglass time management method to keep the young generation from binge-internet-sessions.

slumpy smartphone posture


If you feel your family's spinal health is under threat, because of this growing trend, come and see us at Burswood Health, across the Causeway in Perth.

slumpy smartphone posture

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