Massage therapy: only one example of soft tissue therapies

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Massage therapy: only one example of soft tissue therapies

Massage therapy might be the first thing you search for, when you consider a therapy for your muscles. Quite often, I notice that the other forms of soft tissue therapy, which we use at Burswood Health, are less commonly known.

Massage therapy is commonly known. But there's more.

In this week's video, Chiropractor Dr Kirsty Sterle gives you the overview of the soft tissue therapies that we offer and use at Burswood Health.

A lot of people think that as chiropractors we just treat the spine. But we don't. We look at you as a whole. As you can see on Napoleon here, he's made up of joints, but also muscles, tendons and ligaments around these joints. Now this is known as soft tissue.So soft tissue therapy involves the treatment of these, through lots of different modalities, the most common being massage.There's also dry needling, trigger point therapy, stretching that we do as well. If you think that soft tissue could be right for youm come and chat to one of our practitioners.

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