Perth chiropractic clinic: do I need X-rays?

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Perth chiropractic clinic: do I need X-rays?

At our Perth chiropractic clinic, clients often come in wondering if they need an X-ray. On average you could say around 15% of our Perth patients need an X-ray.

X-rays - do I need one?

Indicators from your history and a physical examination will help us define if you need plain Film X-rays taken, or if you need a referral for a CT or an MRI.

If you do need x-rays we do have a digital x-ray machine at Burswood Health. The machine uses as little radiation as possible and we perform "single region" X-rays here at the Chiropractic Clinic in Perth.
The bottom line is, if you do need x-rays, they will help us to rule out pathology. They will also guide us towards the appropriate treatment and get you on the pathway back to full health.

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