Upper back exercises you can do at home

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Upper back exercises you can do at home

Chiropractic, for us here at Burswood Health Clinic, is not only about treating back or neck pain. It's also about helping you understand and work with your body, to prevent and avoid discomfort.

Upper back exercises and why they make a difference

So let's do some upper back exercises today. In this video, Perth Chiro Dr Paul Staerker guides you through a few simple DIY exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home. Doing this type of exercises can strengthen your upper back significantly, and improve your overall health.

All you need to try out the exercises shown in the video, is a simple stick.

When doing upper back exercises, mind your posture

It's great that you start doing these exercises, but it's very important to do them correctly. Please watch the video carefully, and pay attention to your posture when doing the exercise. Poor posture combined with these exercises might cause the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. When executed correctly, you are training the muscles in your upper back without straining them. The stick we choose to do these upper back exercises with, is a very light weight one, but you'll still feel the effect of a series of exercises.

upper back exercises

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Dr Paul Staerker is a Perth Chiropractor with a deep passion for holistic health care. He combines the outcomes of his research and the work with his team, with a genuine culture of care when he works with his patients at Burswood Health, right across the Causeway in Perth. In regular video updates, Dr Paul Staerker and his team provide free information or DIY exercises to improve and optimise your overall fitness and health.

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