Occupational Therapist Perth: how to quickly stretch your upper-body

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Occupational Therapist Perth: how to quickly stretch your upper-body

As an occupational therapist in Perth I get asked often how you can quickly stretch your upper body. Every now and then, we all suffer from tight shoulders and arms. So how do you stretch your arms and shoulders?

Stretching arms and shoulders

This is how I do it.

- Take a resistance band and a slipper.
- Put the band around your slipper
- Open the door and throw the slipper over the door
- Close the door

This set-up provides us with an anchor. Now you can allow the band to pull your arm and this gives a really nice stretch. Now you can switch arms, square yourself to the front and when using your palms you can feel that now the band is pulling the front chest muscles too. This DIY stretch is a really quick and easy exercise. You can even do it while you're on the go or traveling. It's simple, easy and cheap.

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Did you know that stretching is just as important as doing exercises? A flexible body increases improves your range of motion and decreases the risk of injury. Here's an interesting article on stretching for you.

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