Stretch exercises after your workout

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Plan and stretch exercises after your workout

Exercising is a crucial part of life - knowing how to plan and stretch after workout is crucial.

Do you struggle to plan regular exercise when it has been prescribed?

Many patients struggle when I ask them to plan regular exercise. And we all know that the key to any successful therapy is consistency. So how do we make sure that we do the things that our therapist tells us to do. Most of my clients come and see me and say, yes, you're showing me lots of things I can do to reduce my pain, but I may not have the time to plan regular exercise on a daily basis.
So here's an exercise that you can actually incorporate.You can actually grab a massage ball and place it right next to your tooth brush, in your bathroom, and every morning when you wake up as you are brushing your teeth, you can actually drop the ball on the floor, and massage your foot while you are brushing your teeth. So it's easy, not a lot of time needed, and it helps develop that long term habit. Just like Napoleon here, make no bones about it. Looking after yourself on a daily basis, it's crucial just like your oral hygiene.

Once you plan regular exercise, you'll start seeing results

It's that old cliche of slowly building healthy habits. The same applies to incorporating exercises, especially when your therapist has selected specific exercises to strengthen your muscles, ligaments or your core strength. I noticed that when you add this type of new habit, to an existing habit, it's actually easier to integrate the new habit. You would agree that when we wake up, one of the first things we do is...brush our teeth, right? Plan your exercise right around that one habit, which is set in stone in your daily unwritten calendar of small rituals. You'll see it requires less of an effort than to plan it as a separate event.

Prescribed exercises by your Perth Occupational Therapist: part of the bigger picture

Are you very strict when it comes to doing stretch exercises after a run? We have all been told that it's important to warm up and to then allow our muscles to get back to normal..

Stretch exercises after your workout

Small exercises are mostly part of the bigger treatment plan, which may be a combination of OT services, chiropractic care and podiatry. At Burswood Health in Burswood (East Perth, then across the Causeway), we truly believe in a holistic approach to health care and our patients love us for that.

stretch exercises

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