Trigger points: what are they?

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Trigger points: what are they ?

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Trigger points: What are they?

So do you have unexplained knee-pain? You may even have had a scan, and everything looks okay.
But the pain is still there. I’d like to introduce you to something we call trigger points.

Where are these trigger points?

So with knee pain, we get the points, the most common ones, around the gluteal area, here and just around your iliotibial band here. So when the muscles are weak or tired, these trigger points will send that refer pain down to your knee. So you may be thinking “Something is wrong with my knee”, but it’s actually maybe coming from a little bit further up.

trigger points

Can you treat them?

Unfortunately they don’t go away on their own. But the good news is, they are easily treatable. So if you’re not sure, if you have unexplained knee pain, come in for an assessment. It may be more simple than you first thought.

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